Eco-Friendly Dish Soap

To reduce your household’s plastic use, choosing an eco-friendly dish soap is an easy swap to make. It doesn’t require you to do anything outside of the ordinary. It’s dish soap!

By Stéphanie Dion

To reduce your household’s plastic use, choosing an eco-friendly dish soap is an easy swap to make. It doesn’t require you to do anything outside of the ordinary. It’s dish soap!

In this article, we’re going to explore what makes Altus Advantage’s solid dish soap eco-friendly, how it’s different from using liquid soap, and other uses beyond cleaning your dishes.


What Is Solid Dish Soap Made Of?

Our solid dish soap is made with renewable coconut-based surfactants. We also add essential oils for both fragrance and function. Citrus-based oils are known for their grease-fighting abilities while rosemary and tea-tree oils contribute antibacterial properties.

We do not use harmful sulphates or lathering agents. Some of these chemicals can present irritations to the skin as most of us wash dishes without wearing gloves.

How Is Solid Dish Soap Eco-Friendly?

At Altus Advantage, our solid dish soaps are sold in two different-sized reusable glass jars.

The ingredients we use are renewable plant-based and biodegradable. This means that you can use it with a septic system. 

We do not recommend you use any soap within 30 feet of natural water because of the pH level of the soaps. The resulting greywater will have a pH that is not aligned with nature’s waterways.

We also do not add colors to our products. This is another environmentally friendly aspect of our soap because we aren’t using more ingredients than what we need to make the product work. It’s all about simplicity.

How Long Does Solid Dish Soap Last?

You will find that you will use less dish soap simply because you will only take what you need. By default, you will end up using less than your traditional liquid solution.

We sell two sizes – 125 grams (4 oz) and 250 grams (8 oz). On average, if you handwash pots and pans once a day, an 8 oz jar of our eco-friendly dish soap can last up to six months.

The beauty of our glass jar design is that when you think your soap is done, there is still likely a few more weeks’ worth of soap left. Simply take your sponge or dishcloth and rub the product from the container to use it all up.

How Do I Use Solid Dish Soap?

Solid dish soap is a no-mess option to wash your dishes because there is no liquid spill. 

Simply dip your wet sponge or dishcloth in the jar and rub just a little bit of dish soap onto it. 

Take your soapy dishcloth and apply it to your wet pots or dishes to clean them. 

Rinse and dry your dishes as you normally would.

What’s The Difference Between Solid And Liquid Dish Soap?

The ingredients are different. Our solid dish soap is made with natural ingredients whereas commercial liquid dish soaps use harsh chemicals, colors, and potentially harmful synthetic fragrances to get the same results.

Commercial soaps come in plastic bottles where ours comes in a reusable glass jar.

With a liquid dish soap, you generally fill the sink and pour more than what you need. With our solid soap, you dip into the jar to use what you need. If you want to fill your sink with suds, you can run water over the soap in the jar until your desired soapiness. It will still be less than what you would probably be used for liquid soap.

Other Uses For Our Eco-Friendly Solid Soap

In addition to using this soap to clean your dishes, you can also use it to clean your kitchen counters, appliances, and sink.

You can also use it to clean your bathroom sink and shower stalls. Remember, you will need to rinse the soap off after you have cleaned with it.

If you have a stain on your clothes, you can use it as a spot remover. Simply rub the soap onto the dampened area of your clothing, let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes, and start a load of laundry to wash it out. If you are adding your stained article of clothing to a full load, you should add laundry butter to get everything clean.

You can also handwash your clothing with this eco-friendly solid soap.

Test on a hidden area prior to use.


We hope you’re inspired by the multi-purpose uses of our Altus Advantage eco-friendly solid dish soap.

If you missed it, our Summer Zero Waste Essentials article discussed other home and body soap options you may want to incorporate into your daily life.

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