What Are Toilet Bowl Fizzies or Potty Bombs?

The latest trend in toilet bowl cleaning is this Potty Bomb. What are they? How do you use them? All is including in this article.

By Stéphanie Dion

Have you ever wondered how to use toilet bowl fizzies as a natural cleaning option for your bathroom? 

In today’s article we’re going to explore what they are and why they make an effective and safe alternative cleaning product for your toilet.

What Are Toilet Bowl Fizzies or Potty Bombs?

Toilet bowl fizzies are tablets that get dropped into your toilet bowl. When the bomb is activated by the water, it will froth and bubble as it begins to clean the porcelain inside your bowl. The effervesce action can neutralize mold growth. 

The toilet cleaning bombs are most effective in soft water because the mineral residue is not as high and therefore the ingredients are able to do their job.

If you have a very stained bowl, you will want to use a brush following the treatment.

Why Use Toilet Bowl Fizzies or Potty Bombs?

According to Catalyst’s Dirty Secrets: The Battle To Label Harmful Chemicals In Household Cleaning Products article, “Canadian consumers are becoming more aware of the health and environmental impacts of chemicals in household goods and are interested in finding safer alternatives.”

As there are no regulations for the disclosure of ingredients in household products in Canada, it is difficult for the consumer to know the toxicity level of a product being used.

Altus Advantage developed our own toilet fizzies because we wanted to make sure our customers had a choice of potty bombs made with natural ingredients.

Why Choose The Altus Advantage Potty Bombs?

The Altus Advantage Potty Bombs are fun, safe, and natural compared to all the harmful ingredients in many of the commercial versions.

Cleaning your toilet bowl may become a chore that your kids (and other adults in your home) may fight over. They clean the toilet without a brush, although one may still be required depending on the job at hand.

Our Potty Bombs are handcrafted and come to you in compostable plastic bags so you don’t have to worry about unnecessary waste. 

They are safe for city and septic tanks and come in a fresh rosemary and mint fragrance.

Not only are they effective, they also come in five colors to match any mood or decor.

How Do You Use Toilet Bowl Fizzies?

Add one potty bomb to the toilet and allow it to fizz for about 5 minutes. Brush your bowl and flush.

You can use them as often or as little as you need them. With regular usage, they will delay the appearance of the ring in your toilet. As long as your water is not very hard, you may never get to see that ring around the rim again!

Tips And Tricks For Getting The Most Of Your Toilet Fizzies

Add one potty bomb to refresh the toilet right before or when a visitor arrives. This will refresh the air, and nobody will know when the last time was that you scrubbed your bowl.

How Often To Use The Potty Bombs

This is difficult to predict. In a consistently used toilet, you will need to use the potty bombs more often, whereas, in a more rarely used one you may be able to use them only once a week.

How To Store Your Potty Bombs

Store in a dry place, ideally in a closed container like a nice glass jar with a lid.

When stored in an open container, they will lose their scent but not their efficiency.


Let’s face it, nobody likes to clean their toilet. However, it’s the first place visitors will notice if it’s not sparkling. With these potty bombs, it’s easy to fool your guests in thinking that you spent the last three days cleaning just for them.

If you’re looking for a naturally affordable and effective option for your home, you can check out our Potty Bombs in the shop.

Stéphanie Dion

Stéphanie Dion

Stephanie has been making soap and other bath and body products since 2008. She is a mother of two young adults, with one that has experience food intolerances and skin reactions to chemical products. These conditions started a path toward more natural products and lifestyle, while working full time and managing a small business.

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