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The Best Travel Products for the eco friendly traveller including personal care products, how to clean on the go when you travel light and what you need to stay at your best by being hydrated.

By Stéphanie Dion

Now that we are starting to be able to get away, you probably want to know what the best zero waste travel products are to pack. 

When I travel by airplane or car, I make sure that all of my carry on items are solid. This way, there isn’t a chance of a gooey mess in my luggage and I’m less likely to get my products thrown away by airport security. 

Personal Care Travel Products

If you’re tired of commercial products from hotels drying out your hair and skin, you’ll want to consider bringing your own.

Clean Your Skin

When you arrive at your destination, set out your Altus Advantage Natural Soaps by the sink so you can wash your hands, face, and body easily.

All of our soaps can be used on your entire body. If you have sensitive skin, our round soaps are made especially to clean your face.

When I go away, I love to use our soaps because I only need to pack one bar.

New to Altus Advantage is the facial Cleansing Balm. This is another additional part of best travel products.


Cleansing Balm

This new product is now included in the Traveller Bundle below.

Hair Care

Our Shampoo Bars come in regular and travel size. The formula works great for normal, dry, and it is safe for color treated hair. We select environmentally friendly ingredients that nourish and align with your hair’s pH value.

Finish washing with our Conditioning Bar to leave your hair silky, tangle free, and easy to manage.

All of our shampoo and conditioning bars are scented with essential oils and colored with clays. Choose from Lavender, Morning Glory citrus, and a Refreshed woodsy scent.

For travel purposes, store them in a reusable soap container and allow them to dry between each use for maximum longevity.

Our shampoo and conditioning bars last longer than the 3 oz sample size bottles that you would find at a hotel. They also have no packaging, making them a plastic free option and why they are part of the best travel products.


The Traveller Bundle

For your convenience, we have bundled together the hair care items.

Clean On The Go

When I travel, I prefer a home away from home experience. When I choose accommodations that have laundry facilities and a kitchen. Relaxing at breakfast in my pjs is the ultimate luxury.

Wash And Wear

Instead of bringing two weeks of clothes, I travel light. The moment you decide to pack a small bag, you need to plan for your laundry needs.

Our Laundry Detergent Packs clean clothes using natural ingredients, is great for sensitive skin, and conveniently comes in pre measured packs. Choose from Unscented, Lemongrass Citrus, or Lavender.

Other Washing Needs

You never know whether dish soap will be provided when you travel. 

Our Solid Dish Soap is a multi-use product that will protect your hands, clean your dishes, remove stains, and hand wash your clothes. 

How’s that for reducing the number of travel products you need to pack?

Made with renewable coconut based surfactants and scented with essential oils, it comes in a plastic free reusable glass jar. 

This eco-friendly solid dish soap can last up to six months. Bring it back home when you’re done with this adventure so you’re ready for the next one. 

Eco-Friendly Solid Dish Soap

Solid Dish Soap

Multi use product, easy to use and great for travalling.

Hydrate Often

If you want to keep your energy up while traveling, make sure you stay hydrated. Bring a reusable bottle of water. 

Quick Tip: If traveling by air, fill your empty travel bottle after you go through security. 

It’s also great to refill when you make pit stops on the road.

Altus Advantage has two options to choose from depending on your drinking habits. 

If you’re a big fan of coffee or tea, we recommend our Stainless Steel Travel Mug. It is easy to rinse and add water without any aftertaste from your hot beverage. This 15 oz mug is double insulated and will keep your drink hot for up to 4 hours.

If you’re more of a water drinker, try our Create Less Waste Stainless Steel Water Bottle. This 17 oz bottle is made with high-grade stainless and can fit in the side pocket of your backpack. 

Either option is great, it’s just a matter of personal preference.


Create Less Waste Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Carry your drinks in style with this bottle, made on demand.


If you’re looking to bring environmentally friendly and zero waste travel products with you on your next vacation, we hope you’ve found something useful in this article.

You can find more plastic free travel products in our Summer Zero Waste Essentials article.

Stéphanie Dion

Stéphanie Dion

Stephanie has been making soap and other bath and body products since 2008. She is a mother of two young adults, with one that has experience food intolerances and skin reactions to chemical products. These conditions started a path toward more natural products and lifestyle, while working full time and managing a small business.

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