Easy Ways For Plastic-Free Grocery Shopping

It’s easier than you think to incorporate plastic-free grocery shopping into your routine. Here are some ways to reduce the unnecessary packaging you bring home after each trip to the store.

By Stéphanie Dion

Many of us go to the grocery store at least once a week. Have you ever stopped to consider how much one-time plastic use bags or packaging are used throughout your trip? It’s more than just when you are packing up to leave. 

At Altus Advantage, we are more than bath, body, and home cleaning product artisans. It’s important that we use natural ingredients in our products and return home with plastic-free groceries. We believe that the environment is what we leave to the next generation so it’s our responsibility to ensure that we do it in the best way we can now.

Can one little effort make a difference? If we make an effort to make a plastic-free grocery experience every time we go shopping, it will send a message to the food industry that it’s time to reevaluate the packaging practices they are currently using.

Before You Leave For The Shops

Go over your shopping list. What are you planning to buy? What plastic-free grocery bags or containers might you need both in the store and to carry your purchases to take home? 

For instance, bring mesh or cloth bags for your fruits and vegetables or anything in bulk that doesn’t come in an easy-to-carry container.

When you buy in bulk, you will be able to use your own bags instead of plastic packaging. Doing plastic-free grocery shopping also saves you money because you will only purchase what you need and not what the store tells you that you need.

When You Shop


In addition to plastic-free grocery bags for fruits and vegetables, if on your list you have any rice, flour, spices, etc., make sure you bring clean containers that the amount you need to buy. When you arrive at the store, you can weigh your empty container before filling it so you only pay for the product you are purchasing.

Instead of buying a case of individual water or juice bottles, I recommend you find one big container and pour it as you need into your reusable water containers.

Go plastic-free and stop buying Ziploc bags or Saran Wrap. Consider a reusable alternative when you shop; this may include paper options, beeswax wrap, or a container with a lid.

If your meat is pre-packaged in your shop, choose the biggest serving and portion it out at home. You can also go to the meat counter and request it wrapped in butcher paper.

Wherever possible, choose bigger containers of food instead of personal size servings. Less plastic will be wasted and you will also be saving money in the long run.

As You Pack Your Purchases


You can stop buying plastic bags at the check-out line and use your canvas bags or boxes to carry your groceries home.

I find that my canvas bags can hold more than plastic bags which gives me the advantage of fewer bags to carry home. 

Canvas bags are also sturdier which stops me from worrying about spilling the food I’ve just bought.

Choosing Shops That Are Practicing Plastic Free

Buying online on “zero-waste” stores may guarantee plastic-free groceries but they are still potentially environmentally damaging because of the mode of transportation used to get the items to you. 

Let’s support your local producers and economy by shopping at farmer’s markets. 

Many grocery stores are now selling local products and labeling them as such.

Did you know that we now see Zero Waste Markets in many major cities? These are smaller stores that offer products with minimal packaging and can be bought in bulk. When entering one of these markets, make sure that you have followed our advice and have planned which containers and bags you will need for your groceries.

Your Future Self Will Thank You

Set yourself up for success for your plastic-free grocery shopping adventure. After you have put your groceries away, wash the containers and reusable bags from this trip. Once clean and dry, immediately put them ready where you will look the next time you go to the store. You will feel better that you have done your best to save our planet.

We have many body soaps, household cleaners, canvas bags, and drink containers for you to stock up on that are Zero Waste.

Stéphanie Dion

Stéphanie Dion

Stephanie has been making soap and other bath and body products since 2008. She is a mother of two young adults, with one that has experience food intolerances and skin reactions to chemical products. These conditions started a path toward more natural products and lifestyle, while working full time and managing a small business.

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