How you helped Altus Advantage become a reality.


Our commitment is to develop natural cleaning products for the home and the body, with minimal waste. We take seriously our adherence to the reuse, recycle and reduce principle.

Our packaging is minimalistic, our plastic bags are compostable and if you get plastic in your package, it is reused.

We are thrilled that everyone who uses our soap and body butters, knows they are getting  natural products worthy of any eco friendly family.

~Stéphanie Dion
Altus Advantage CEO

Before I created Altus Advantage, I was coasting.

Then one day, my two year old was faced with eczema. I was worried that we were using too much of medicated creams and I tried to increase the skin’s natural moisture with handmade soaps.

I was concerned that there are too many beauty companies out there and it would be difficult.

But then…

I realized that not many focus solely on natural handmade bath and body products scented with essential oils.

As a result, I set out to create the most natural bath and body product line for the eco conscious in North America.

It was an easy step to include zero waste and natural cleaning products for the busy family, easy to use and integrate in anyone’s day to day life.

It turns out…

The road was more difficult than I imagined.

First, I tested out different essential oil blends and used clays and botanicals for colours. Not every colour turned out as originally planned.

Then, I developed my own recipes based on experience, research, trial and error and consulted with natural soap makers to improve and gather more information. I wanted my products to be as natural as possible and reduce the use of preservatives when possible.

Finally, I also expanded in other areas, such as natural house cleaning products, where experience is not as wide in the handmade community.

I feared…

No one would like my products and that all my work would end up only serving my family.

Through it all, we launched our first product line and the response has been beyond my hopes. All positive reviews are a balm to my soul.

I hope you enjoy our natural handmade bath and body products.