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Ensemble de produits de nettoyage naturels

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This Natural Cleaning Product gift set is the perfect gift for the ecofriendly person. David Suzuki has an article on many harmful ingredients that we find in many commercial cleaning products. None of these ingredients are found in our cleaning products.

Laundry Products

In this gift sets, there are two laundry products, working in tandem to clean and dry your clothes with minimal impact for you and the environment.

Laundry Butter

Laundry butter is very easy to use. It works in all kinds of washing machines, front and top loader, high efficiency and not.

Add one tablespoon of laundry butter at the bottom of the drum (where the clothes go), add the clothes and start washing.

Wool Dryer Ball

After washing your clothes, if you don’t hang them on a clothes line, add wool dryer balls in your dryer. Their movement will create pockets of air, accelerating drying time and reducing electricity static.

When you are not using these, just store them in the dryer, no one will be the wiser and they are ready for the next laundry load.

Our suggestion is to have three in the dryer, that is what we found works best. I have had mine for more than a year and there is no end in sight. When they are done, throw them in the compost bin.

Natural cleaning product for the bathroom - Potty Bombs

These funny Potty Bombs clean the toilet while you are busy elsewhere. Just throw one Potty bomb in the bowl, let it fizz for 5 minutes, brush if required and flush.

Still having questions? We have a product tutorial for you.

In the kitchen - Solid Dish Soap

This solid dish soaps comes in two sizes, 125g and 250g. Great to wash dishes and can be used as well as a natural cleaning product to wash the kitchen sink, counters, bath and shower.

To use, wet you dish cloth (or brush), rub the solid dish soap and wash. That’s it!

Again, we have a product tutorial that explains in detail (with an exciting video) how to use the Solid Dish Soap.


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