Natural Cleaning Products

Natural Home Cleaning Products 

This is where you will find cleaning products for your home. They are easy to use so they are an easy swap for commercial products. This is great for any family that is building a sustainable lifestyle.

First, these products are great for sensitive skin. Many offer an unscented (no added scent) or light scent option. Parfume can be an issue for the skin. (Read here blog post on handmade soap why). They have natural colors, like clays. Many react to the artificial scents and colors in commercial products.

Second, they are made with natural and renewable ingredients. There are no damaging additives. They provide awesome cleaning power. Use them like any commercial cleaning product.

Third, they are zero waste. You can reuse, refill or compost their container. There is no plastic bottle to throw out. Clean and reuse the glass jars. Compost the plastic bags and wool balls. This will reduce the amount of garbage from your household.

Finally, they are environmentally friendly. Use them anywhere, in your home or at your cottage, they are safe for septic and city water systems. These natural cleaning products are a great addition to a sustainable lifestyle.

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