Summer Essential Collection

What are summer essential products? Summer is usually a time for travel, for vacation, and for relaxation. This is your chance to be more environmentally friendly. Switch one-time-use plastic bags and mugs with reusable equivalents.

We’ve got you covered with bath and body products. During summer, your skin usually requires less moisturizing than other times of the year. 

For some, using handmade soap will be enough. For others, a little more will be necessary. Our body sprays offer light moisturizing properties. In addition, they are scented with great summer essential oil blends.

In addition, our laundry butters and wool dryer ball will get your clothes clean and dry without fuss. Don’t leave any unwanted waste behind you with our natural laundry line. 

Being environmentally conscious does not mean boring. This summer, make an effort to equip yourself with reusable everyday items like travel mugs, bottles, tumblers, beach bags, and tote bags. After all, there is nothing preventing your from being stylish yet practical.

Are you planning for picnics, campings, travels or day-trips? Even in your daily routine, there is a product in this collection for you.

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