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Natural Laundry Detergent Butter

(2 customer reviews)


Your clothes will thank you.


This natural laundry detergent will wash your clothes, time after time.

This natural detergent is developed for sensitive skin. After washing the scent will be light, great for sensitive individuals.

  • Handcrafted

  • Made in small batches

  • Uses natural and renewable ingredients

  • Reusable glass container

  • Safe for city or septic water systems

  • Safe to use with high-efficiency front load and top load washing machines

This natural laundry soap is made with coconut based soap. The only other additives are washing and baking sodas.

Our laundry butter comes in three different scents: no scent added, lavender, and lemongrass. We use quality essential oils for the scented options.

Since many people react to detergents, this laundry butter does not come with any added colors, synthetic fragrances, and lathering ingredients that commercial detergents may include. 

How To Use Our Natural Laundry Butter

Add one tablespoon of our natural laundry detergent to the machine drum before you add clothes, not in the detergent dispenser.

Wash as usual.

How Long will the Natural Laundry Butter Last

Our laundry detergent comes in two sizes to answer your personal needs. We offer a small size, in a glass jar of 250g, with an average of 15 loads, perfect for a trial period or during a small trip.

We also offer a larger size in a glass jar containing 1 kg of laundry detergent, delivering a minimum of 65 loads, perfect for day-to-day use.

Get more information on the Summer Travel Zero Waste Essentials article.

Additional information

Weight1 kg

Lavender, Lemonbalm, Unscented


1 kg – 35 oz, 250 ml – 8.5oz

2 reviews for Natural Laundry Detergent Butter

  1. Margaret

    Second time purchasing this. It’s great. I usually dissolve some in hot water first and then add it to the laundry, since we wash cold.

  2. Josianne

    LOVE this product !!!

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