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Potty Bombs

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Clean and refresh your toilet easily


These little Potty Bombs are so awesome! Easy to use and original!

There are great the busy life. We all want a clean toilet but may not want to spend the time to clean it.

They clean the toilet without a brush and naturally, although a brush may still be required! 😘

This is one chore that your kids (and adults) may fight over. They are simple and fun to use.

  • Handcrafted

  • Made in small batches

  • Uses natural and renewable ingredients

  • Compostable plastic bags

  • Safe for city and septic tanks

  • Rosemary and mint fragrance

These toilet fizzies are made with a secret blend of baking soda, citric acid, peroxide, fragrance, and color. Each toilet bomb will fizz in your toilet bowl, cleaning it and refreshing the odors.

How to use these natural toilet bomb cleaners

Add one potty bomb to the toilet, allow to fizz for about 5 minutes, brush and/or flush.

You can use them as often or as little as you need them. With regular usage, they will delay the appearance of the ring in your toilet. Depending on your type of water, you may never get to see that ring!

Tips and tricks: 

Add one potty bomb to refresh the toilet right before or when a visitor arrives. This will refresh the air, we don’t always remember what happened in this room!

How often to use the Potty Bombs

This is difficult to predict. In a consistently used toilet, you will need to use the potty bombs more often, whereas, in a more rarely used one, you may be able to use them only once a week.

They come in different sizes:

  • 10 Potty Bombs

  • 25 Potty Bombs

  • 50 Potty Bombs

How to store

Store in a dry place, ideally in a closed container, like a nice jar with a lid.

When stored in an open container, they will lose their scent but not their efficiency.

Looking for more information on the Potty Bombs? Read this article from the product tutorial section.

Additional information

Weight0.450 kg

10, 25, 50


Blue, Green, Multicolor, Orange, Pink, Purple

4 reviews for Potty Bombs

  1. Dawn

    Tried these on a whim – LOVE them!!!
    I got a jar from dollar Tree ($1.25) to keep them in and now I have a pretty decoration in my bathroom as well as a strong and effective toilet cleaner… easy to use (just pop in the toilet and walk away) and very effective.
    Stephanie the owner is very personable and made sure everything was to my satisfaction… Delivery was extremely fast…can’t recommend these more!

  2. Abigail

    I’m blown away. Fast shipping, low-waste packaging, and simple functional and super clean. These toilet bowl bombs are now my go-to for everyday cleaning.

  3. stephanie

    I love these! They look so pretty that I keep them on the back of the toilet in a clear old mason jar. They work great, fizz up, keep the toilet clean and smell great.

  4. Tina

    Seller was very helpful! The product is lovely, works well and smells delightful! Highly recommend

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